Saturday, May 23, 2009

Good deals, and my attempt to copy Kimba

I don't think a girl can have to many apothecary jars or cheese trays. I have tons, and whenever I see one, I have to snatch it up. My heart skipped a beat when I saw these at Goodwill yesterday. The fruit holder I got at Hobby Lobby in there 66% of section for around 13 bucks. I cut it out of the picture, but it has a cute rooster on the top. I got the little jar to add to my collection yesterday for 1 buck at Goodwill!

I spray painted the first cheese tray black and liked it, so the other one is in my back yard drying as I am writing this! These lovelies were 3 bucks a piece. The little white bowl .25, nest I already had.

When I saw Kimbas idea to use apothecary jars to plant succulents I knew I had to copy her. I copy her allot. I already had this jar, so I headed to Lowe's yesterday to buy some succulents. Succulents is a fun word!:) I wonder how often I need to water these succulents, and if Kimba leaves her lid on or off of her succulents!:)

Succulents, succulents, succulent -aren't they pretty!


Kimba said...

Succulent IS a fun word!

Succulent, succulent, succulent!

I love your version! Very pretty. And you cracked me up with your cheese-tray addiction. I've been on the prowl for months and I haven't found a single one. I guess everyone around here keeps their cheese trays. :)

I do keep the lid on my jar. It's not a airtight seal, so the plants can still breath. And I water very infrequently. You're supposed to let succulents (succulents, succulents, succulents) dry out completely before you water again. So when they're dry, I water them just enough to get the soil moist but not pool in the bottom of the jar. Make sense?

I think I've only watered them once since I planted them.


Jenn said...

That tray looks great painted black - what a deal. I love that plant in a jar idea...I may have to copy that myself!

Jeppson Clan said...

succulents, succulents, succulents. i like it.

Nicole said...

I never knew you could do such great things with those jars. I have none, but I need them now!

Anny said...

What a beautiful succulent! And thanks for asking the question about wether the lid stays on the succulents or off - I was wondering the exact same thing about the succulent!


Ok I'm done ;)