Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Firewood is what my hubby called this table and chairs as he was loading it into the back of his truck.  I called it pure potential.  I just knew she could be beautiful, and for thirty dollars, I didn't care to much if for some reason she didn't turn out.  Craigslist I love you!

I forgot to take before pictures, so here are the pictures the guy texted me.

She needed a major face lift and I was up for the challenge.

Remember the chandelier I took from my neighbors curb?  I gave her a face lift too.  Are you ready for my dining room reveal? Keep in mind it cost me a total of 40 dollars plus paint.  Thirty for the table and chairs, and 10 for the roll of upholstery fabric I got at the consignment store down the street. Drum roll..............

Not bad huh?

The weather has been amazing this week, so I actually got to paint outside without melting away.

I think I love her!

Another awesome thing about this table is that it helped me get to know my neighbors!   They are just wonderful!  We talked and talked, while I painted, and our kids played together!  Hi Kristen!:)

I actually had to paint her twice.  The first time I used glaze, and didn't like how it looked, so we repainted, and just used a sander to rough her up a bit.

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Hugs from Texas!