Thursday, July 30, 2009

More corsage tee's in blogland

I just had to share a couple of pictures from some of you who made your own corsage tees!

Mod Object at Home mixed colors from old tees to get this beautiful effect! LOVE!

Joy Beadworks got together with friends and made their own versions as well! Some even used circles to make their corsages! Way to go ladies!
This is the reason my sisters and I blog, it's so fun to share ideas with so many wonderful, creative women!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Giant Pair of Silverware!

As I was walking through Savers in Kansas City with my cute mom-in-law, I think she must have thought I was crazy when I saw this fork and spoon and had to have them! Little did she know that I had been seeing them around blog land, and in Pottery Barn, and knew it had to be destiny! Total for my blue metal utensils~6 bucks. I had first planned on spray painting them oil rubbed bronze, but they were out at Walmart and I am not the most patient person,( I wanted to do it now!) so I just sprayed them black.

and hung them by my sink!
I heart them!

I had to post a picture of the cute chicken I got at Hobby Lobby for 80% off! I think she is adorable! Total ~3 bucks!

And here is where I got my inspiration!
Kimba At A Soft Place To Land, inspires us daily! Here is her version!

And Chris at Just a Girl is amazing! Here is her version.
I am now prepared, if a giant ever decides to drop in for dinner!:)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun,Frugal, Finds

I went to Goodwill yesterday to see if they had gotten any new treasures since I have been gone on vacation, and these were my finds.
I got this tray for 2 bucks, cleaned it out, spray painted it, and taped cute Amy Butler paper in it......

and hung it above my cabinets. It has been needing some color up there. I love it!

I also found this Ballard Home Designs inspired vase for one buck! Can you believe that my friends? Loooove it!

Glitter Wall Treatment / Sydney's Room

We are linking up today to Kimba's do it yourself party, because we love Kimba, and we love parties! When I have crazy idea for something this is how it usually goes down. Example:

Me~Honey I want daughters room to sparkle, how about we put glitter all over her walls?

Hubby(As eyes are rolling) What?

Me~Lets blow glitter all over the freshly painted wall!

Hubby ( after a few days of complaining) Get the supplies and I will help, hope it looks OK.

Me~ Oh have no fear, it is going to be kick awesome!

Hubby always goes along with my ideas and 95% of the time he is happy with the outcome!:) So this is how we did it. As hubby painted, I went behind and blew, yes blew iridescent glitter all over the walls! You should have seen us afterward, we were very sparkly;) I don't mind being sparkly, but hubby not so much, so we went and jumped in the pool afterwards.

These pictures do not do it justice, it is amazing!!!!! Click on the pictures to see it closer! It is especially beautiful at night with the night light on it glimmers and our daughter loooooves it!

She said "Thanks Mommy and Daddy for putting fairy dust on my walls!" Making it all worthwhile!

These next few pictures are of my dear friends daughters room, she just got done with!! I am like a proud momma! I think it looks amazing!

Her hubby, and my hubby made the headboard out of plywood , batting, and fabric. They staple gunned it on and I love how it turned out!

She used spray paint to paint the chair rail, and made the comforter herself! She has got some serious quilt making skills! The dresser was a 5 buck garage sale find that she also spray painted loooove it!

This little cupboard was also a 5 dollar garage sale find that she spray painted! The room looks amazing! I am so proud of you Ashley! You are kick awesome!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

DIY 1/2 bath re-do (twice)

Enchantress #1 here, as in I'm the oldest, but a girl can dream right?! :) Today I'm participating in Kimba's DIY par-tay.
Here are some pictures of one of my 1/2 baths that had been begging attention. The wallpaper stripping and painting was done about 7 months ago. I spray painted the mirror and light fixtures but didn't love them. They were originally gold.
I also didn't do much with the walls at the time. I think I was worn out from the stripping (of wallpaper that is) and painting.

Here are a couple shots of the process of painting/stripping fruit wall paper from the original home owner's decor.

This was gold & the glass fixtures are new. I don't LOVE them per say, but they are much better then the originals.

Enter Enchantress #2 who is currently here visiting me in Kansas City. She graciously helped me add some wall bling and burlap window treatments to add to the tropical feel of my already beached out home. I also spray painted over my old paint job with some oil rubbed bronze. I like it a lot better.

Everything on this wall was stuff I had laying around my casa. We framed some Amy Butler scrapbook paper. I bought a set of blue and green hand towels to match the framed "art" and rotate out. I'm sure with my 3 boys that will happen often.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Too Much Fun,Too Little Blogging:)

What happens when Enchantress #2 goes to visit Enchantress #1?  Tons of fun and no blogging!  We have been having so much fun this summer our poor little blog is feeling neglected. I have lots of fun things to post about when I return to the Land of Enchantment this weekend.

Exciting news..............
We have been featured on tipjunkie this morning!!!!! 
Looooooove that blog!

And, since I think every post needs a picture~ My girls and I had our pictures done while visiting big sis again by the most amazing photographer    
Meredith  love every single one of them! Thanks Mer!

Stay tuned for more fun posts from we the Enchantresses 3!!!!!:)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Va-vooming a Vinyl Wall Quote

Enchantress #3 here. I have a lone vinyl saying "Family, a Journey to Forever" on my wall that I found on clearance at Target. I love it, but it was just so naked by itself. It needed a little va-voom. I made a trip out to Utah and fell in LOVE with a store called Rod Works. Everything was super affordable. Here are some of my finds that I combined to make a new focal point in my living room.
The rod.

I added some brown and blue paint to the ends of the rod and then rubbed off the excess. I think it helps the design pop.

I immediately fell in love with this clock. The colors and style fit my taste perfectly.

I added a touch of blue to the pendants to highlight the details on them.

I found these little wrought iron people and thought they would go great with the family theme...

...tied them up with a little ribbon to match...

...and va-voom the boring vinyl has a new dimension. I think it is a lot more pleasing to the eye.