Thursday, June 25, 2009

Show Us Where You Live- Master Bedroom

Kelly's Korner is having her weekly linky party!!!
I love my master bedroom, so I had to join one more time!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So, I have been seeing burlap being used all over blog land, but I didn't realize the love I would feel for this cheap fabric until I bought some yesterday and put it to use throughout my Casa!!!! My cute canisters that have been in my pantry are finally out on my counter!
And, my table runner I copied from all the amazing blogs out there- SO easy! Even hubby noticed it and said "That looks nice." Hubby never notices!:)

Finally I had to post a picture of the cute wire basket I got at Goodwill today for a buck! I also got two of these little plants for 2 bucks a piece! My cute mom-in-law sent me this book ~The Find, it is a must read for all you thrifty decorators out there!

So now I am frantically searching through blog land, trying to find more fun things to do with my new love!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Delight In The Little Things

I squealed with glee after finding the idea from Kara to use a old soccer ball to make a topiary! Is this delighting in the little things? I got so excited about this awesome paper towel holder I found at Hobby Lobby I could hardly contain myself, and am so in love with this fun chalkboard platter I made I cant keep from smiling! Is this delighting in the little things? ( Hubby is thankful that I am so easily delighted! Who knew a paper towel holder could cause such happiness!)

I did not delight in this taranchula we found crawling up our house yesterday, because I do not like spiders. But, I did delight in the fact that he is harmless and will eat all the other bugs lurking around our house.

My heart skipped a beat with delight when I found this chandelier at a thrift store the other day for 15 dollars! I could see her inner beauty and knew all she needed was a little makeover ! (Don't we all every once and a while?)

A couple coats of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint later and she is gorgeous!

I first wanted to hang her above my bathtub, but for some electrical reason, it would have been a lot more work then hubby wanted to put forth, so he hung her in our entry way! Is she not delightful?:)

I think I love her, and I cant help being so delighted every time I walk past her!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Cloche Obsessed

Marty over at a Stroll Thru Life is having a cloche party, and since I am currently obsessed with these beautiful creations I thought it would be fun to join! Here are a few that I have. Go on over and see what others are putting in theirs!:)

Corsage Tee

Perhaps you've seen this darling shirt from J.Crew for $29.50.

Here's what you need to make your own (or in my case several) for a fraction of the cost.
Needed: 1 scoop or V- neck t-shirt. These are from Target the Merona brand, regularly $8.99 bought on sale for $6 each

A pattern for your petals in this case, a heart. (My friend Cheri the genius behind this project just "eye-balled" it.) She also had the idea to cut out a star pattern and make a corsage star shirt for the 4th of July.

Buy 1 XXL shirt in a matching color to make your petals. One of these bad boys made petals for 6 shirts and we still had some left over.

Cut out hearts, two at a time if you can. Each shirt took 14-16 hearts for the "corsage". You can do more or less depending on the fullness you want.

You can do this project easily on your own, but it was so much more fun with friends!

Here's Cheri wearing her gray one she had already made. Once again wonderful friends who share their talents and ideas.

Sew on your first heart/petal. *The t-shirt fabric will not fray.* We used a sewing machine but you can do it by hand too. Make 3 stitches front, 3 stitches back and you're done.

Add another heart. The tighter you bunch them together to fuller your corsage will look. Each shirt I did turned out different. Just lay them on there, don't over-think it. You can go back and easily move petals around if you aren't happy with how something looks.

3 petals into it, & you can start to see how it's going to look.

The finished products:


Sunday, June 14, 2009

A "Hang Loose" Tutorial, I mean very loose

How to create P.B.esque wall signs.
We are linking this post up to Kimbas DIY day
Get some CHEAP wood. By cheap I mean free or close to it. This wood came packed around some washers and dryers so it was free. First we measured and cut it down.

Here are J.K. & C.S. cutting the wood down. Both amazing and creative women in their own right. They both are always willing to SHARE a great find, idea or talent. Which I think is a gift in itself.

Then we sanded the front and edges really well. (I've discovered a love of power tools, with this project, I'm thinking "my hubster" needs some new ones for Father's Day...)

Have an inspiration!
For J.K. (who is a private gal so I won't link her) it is anything old/antique-y.
C.S. is hanging her "all you need is love" signs around gorgeous family pictures.
Our family loves to travel and anything tropical, so we came up with our own ideas and found more by "surfing" the net. ha ha pun intended! I'm a dork.

Paint your signs a solid color. We just used craft paint J.K. had at her house (free), and then printed out the phrases we wanted in cool fonts. Cut the letters out and place on wood. Trace with a pencil and then paint where your tracings were.

Let dry. Then paint the whole thing with watered down brown paint, or stain. Wipe it off quickly with a t-shirt type rag. Sand your sign and rough up the edges again. Finish with a quick dry polyurethane.

Again pardon my bad picture taking skills.

The colors are a little off from bad lighting and the camera flash but you get the idea. I have other stuff hanging up too but tried to just take pictures of the signs we made.

Happy painting!

Friday, June 12, 2009

More inspiration

These are the ones my friend C.S. loved...

And re-created...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pottery Barn, Schmottery Barn

I have several amazing friends in my life. One in particular (J.K.) was inspired by these images from Pottery Barn. The diner sign and American flag.

Instead of paying the $129 for EACH one, she created her own versions.

American Flag
Please pardon my horrible photography skills. The pictures don't do them justice. They look even more amazing in person.
Her cost: $0. That's right zero.
I'm working on a post from our painting session where she helped me create some wall art for my boys' empty walls. So stay tuned.

Show Us Where You Live - Bathrooms

This Friday Kellys Korner is having another Show Us Where You Live party and the theme is bathrooms. This was just the push I needed to get mine cleaned. We have three in our home. The first three pictures are of our guest bathroom.

Below is a picture of my girls bathroom

Here is the entrance to our master bathroom.

This is my sink/side. I still haven't figured out what to do with the niche, don't really know why it is there. I need ideas!

the potty

our tub

Hubby's side

Our shower is what they call a snail shower, this is one of the things that sold us on the house, it is huge!

walking into the shower


my bench

and our shelf

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