Monday, February 25, 2013

Bling and Lace Cookie Buffet

I was asked to do a dessert party favor for a friend's baby shower. I had been wanting to try a cookie buffet and thought this was the perfect opportunity. 

I combined elements of lace and bling...what else for a baby girl!  Here I made a garland out of doilies and stenciled "sweet baby" on them. Tiny clothes line clips with tiny flower blossoms held them together.  

I replaced the existing knobs with these blingin' butterfly knobs that I found at Michaels. Little doilies underneath, as well as a label for the cookie, softened the metal lid.  

Thank goodness for friends that helped bake a few dozen for the event!

We had sugar, peanut butter temptations, classic chocolate chip, smore's bars, pumpkin choc.chip w/maple frosting, white chocolate chip oatmeal, and snickerdoodles. 

The guests loved filling their bags on the way out! 

I found tin tied bags with windows on Amazon and embellished with this adorable graphic I found online(I am kickin myself I can't remember where, sorry), along with a doilie and some lace. 

Sweet and Simple.

I was only in charge of the cookie buffet but here are a few pics of the rest of the shower. Nan and Kristine you are amazing. So fun!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

What'zzz All the Buzz About Baby Shower

I wanted to share another baby shower with you mostly via photos, here ya go...

Upon entering, guests guessed "How many Honeycombs".

Upon exiting they grabbed some yummy honey sticks I found at our Farmers Market.

Little touches here and there. 

My friend Laurel always seems to be my partner in crime for these events. Love her! The house where we hosted even had honeycomb tile in the kitchen, how perfect was that? 

We had a blast creating this shower! Bee is for baby BOY! Congrats Jenna!

Something Blue Bridal Shower

This was my first time throwing a bridal shower and I felt SO privileged that my friend, Emily, let me take the reigns! I chose a "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue" theme because it seemed to fit her personality. Classic and Traditional. Also, in doing the research, I found out that the color blue has been connected to weddings for centuries and brides wore blue to symbolize love, modesty, and fidelity. I felt like that represented my lovely friend to the tee!

The Invite from PrintYourHeartOut that I found on Etsy (FYI, she also did the banners and candy labels).
With the invite, I included this recipe card I found at

 On the recipe card I attached this little note. "Please take a moment to write an old, new, borrowed, or blue recipe for Emily and bring it with you on October 15. We will be compiling a recipe book for her. Thank you!"

 I ended up making a recipe box instead of a book. I made these dividers and painted and personalized a box that I found at Ross.

 I wish I would have taken a before shot, but this little thing underwent quite the transformation.

The front porch.

This was framed under the photo of the couple to continue the theme from the invites.

I made this wreath out of 2 wire hangers, tulle, ribbon, and tie fabric(subtle familiarity for the bride-to-be who works for a tie company). The letter 'E' also made guest appearances throughout the shower due to names Emily&Eric...AND their her new last name begins with an 'E' as well. SO fun!

Had some fun learning how to make fabric flowers.

Little blue touches all over the house. 

Guests wrote little notes to the bride-to-be upon entering.

My friend Kelsey and I made these origami flower balls in all sizes. I loved the little garland!

A view of the main room. Behind me was the table where guest put their recipe in the recipe box.

A different way to serve veggies. Just grab and go, dip is in the bottom of the cup and they display beautifully!

Drink bar

Sparkling blueberry drinks and water.

"Love is Sweet" dessert table. Me and my cute friend Em!

DELECTABLE cupcakes made by my friend Laurel. I found the cupcake toppers on Etsy.

I love having a theme in my head and shopping around for the colors. Candy especially!
I felt so privileged that Em allowed me to do this for her! I am so incredible happy for you! Congratulations!