Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not your Mommas pin cushion

When the Queen Enchantress came this past weekend she noticed I was missing two very important things if I was really going to try my hand at this sewing thing. I didn't have a pin cushion, or a seem ripper! If you know me an ordinary pin cushion and seam ripper are just way to boring, so after searching for some ideas I found this one I took it a little further making it more my own!:) Enchantress #3 sent me these cute little tins the other day and I thought they would be perfect!
I added some batting,

Some animal print( I love me some animal print!)

And glue gunned the fabric to the side of the tin.

Here is my boring seem ripper before.

Here it is after I got my little hands on it!

The finished product! I think they are so cute! Everything in life is better when you add a little sparkle!



Brenna said...

Those have got to be the froofiest sewing supplies I have ever seen!! SOOOO fun sista! Love the mini tutu and also that the cushion and ripper match!

Megan said...

I love them both! I made some once using a terra cotta pot. I gave them all away, silly me. But, I am really loving the tin one. Nice job!

Jeppson Clan said...

you make me laugh. that is awesome!

Nicole ~ said...

These are so very cute!!

Amy Jo said...

Ha! I never even considered "blinging out" my seam ripper. That's funny!