Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pink and Purple Polka Dot Party

My 4 year old often thanks Heavenly Father for polka dots in her prayers. I don't know what the obsession is but she wanted to carry over her love of polka dots to her birthday. If you are looking for an easy birthday party, the polka dot options are endless!

I used poster board and traced around different sized bowls with a box cutter/exacto knife. I found this dotted garland at Wal Mart.

We then taped pink and purple paper plates EVERYWHERE! The ceiling, cabinets, walls, etc. I cut out the middle of some of the plates to make more dots of different sizes. We blew up lots of pink and purple water balloons (minus the water) and sprinkled them all over the floor. The table covers were actually a huge plastic gift bag (Target clearance) that I cut up and taped down.

Necco candies and yogos make yummy polka-dots!

The snacks. Purple grapes, round peanut butter pretzels, mini pringles, pink m&m's and more yogos. We didn't serve lunch but if you wanted to, mini pizza's would be cute.

The craft table. Bingo markers make perfect polka dots. Pom poms, round jewels, and circle stickers keep kids busy for 15-20 minutes plus give them something to take home with their goodie bag.

Goodie bags (found at Target) included; bubbles, play-doh, sidewalk chalk(with dots on it), yogos, purple polka dot hair bows(for girls) and little tonka trucks (for boys). If I hadn't of found these bags I would have used plain white gift bags and had the kids decorate their own!

I wanted to use Twister but we didn't have time. I also wanted to have fun kids "polka" music playing that I didn't get around to finding. I know The Backyardigans has a fun "Dance to the Wormin' Polka" song.

Happy Polka-dotting!!



Jeppson Clan said...

You rock the polka sister. Very cute!

The Spradlings said...

Looooove it! yep, yep, yep, yep, dance to the wormin polka!

Heather said...

cute stuff

Amber said...

HOORAY for polka dots! Great ideas!

Our really empty nest said...

I dont know if you will see this comment because the post was from so long ago, but I love your blog and have spent much time going thru and looking at old posts! And i had to laugh at this one, my daughter who is now 22, had a 21st pink and purple polka dot bday party! Everyone had to wear either pink or purple or polkadots, even the men, and she decorated her topsy turvy 3 teir cake in pink and purple polka dots, she is in college to become a pastry chef, it was so much fun! O and to top it off her bday is in April too! Thanks for sharing, sue