Friday, April 17, 2009

I get by with a little help from my "friend"

Here is a quick & cheap way to get a "new" light fixture.
Here is our before:

Spray paint can transform anything. This particular color is Oil rubbed bronze. I love it!

Here is my light fixture after meeting my friend O.R.B.
It looks kinda black in the picture, but it actually has a nice metallic sheen which matches our new cabinet hardware perfectly.

Here it is with a sneak peek at our kitchen cabinets we just painted. I'll post pictures from that re-do soon.

I think the total cost for the paint was around $6 at Home Depot. I have heard that Walmart also has one by Kilz. (I was told at Lowe's that they aren't carrying the O.R.B. any longer.)
Happy Painting!

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The Spradlings said...

I was just talking to Lisa and she thinks your kitchen is amazing! She cant wait to see the before and afters of your cabinets!