Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sick with my Snuggie

My dear sisters make so much fun of me because I am the queen of infomercials!  I seriously think I could get a job being a spokeswoman for all these amazing inventions!:)  I recently celebrated a birthday and I squealed with delight when this came in the mail! My sisters know me all too well!  This zebra snuggie was my b-day present from Enchantress #1, and I have to admit it has come is very handy! 

A few days after my birthday I came down with the flu and have been wearing my snuggie nonstop for 48 hours straight!  Hubby makes fun of me everytime he walks in the room, but I don't care!  I am warm, cozy, and stylish all at the same time!  I love me some animal print!:)

If you happen to be a seamstress (which I am not) you must go visit my friend Jen at Viette View, where she gives a tutorial on how to make your own snuggies!  She made them for her kiddos and they are ADORIBLE!

Before you go running off to either buy or make your new snuggies, you have to check out this amazing lamp transformation!  I pride myself on being able to see the potential in most things, but would have probably passed this one by!  My adorible friend Amber (who happens to be an AMAZING seamstress and makes the most beautiful quilts and made me the cutest apron for my birthday:)  Transformed this ugly lamp into....

This BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL lamp!!! My jaw dropped when I saw this!
Great job Amber!


Red Lipstick Style said...

Wow! What a transformation, it doesn't even look like the same lamp; just gorgeous! I hope you are feeling better!

Carla said...

That lamp is amazing! Goes to show what a little elbow grease, creativity and how a trusty can of spray paint can revive something that might have been trash!

I love your Suggie! I've been telling the family I want one for C'mas. We just gave our son's GF one for her b'day - she'd been asking for one. We got her the pink child size (she's only 4'11"). She says she lives in hers too.

Hope you feel better real soon. I love your blog and how you all three share the blogging duties. And thanks for stopping by and visiting my new blog! I was so excited to see I had a new follower!

Heidi said...

I like your new blog makeover - so fun to see a new design! I'm so glad you got your snuggie just in time! Thinking of you!

Shaela said...

Glad you can snuggle up in your infomercial goodness. You crack me up! Under the weather wrapped up in ZEBRA.

Amber, that is an amazing lamp. Love it!

Jenn said...

I'm wearing a snuggie right now as I'm reading your post! haha!