Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Favorite Things

320 Sycamore is having a My Favorite Things party.  I am late, but thought it would be fun to link up!


My mom seems to think this is going to kill me, but I LOOOVE Diet Coke, and it has to be from Sonic. Add some diet cherry and you have perfection!

Hot Tamales are also a favorite of mine!  They are too spicy for my girls so I get them all to myself!

Speaking of spicy, green chile is one of my very most favorite things.  Where I come from, people put green chile on everything, and in everything.  The hotter the better! I am not kidding when I say we bought 60 pounds this season.  They roast them for you, then you stick them in the freezer, so you can enjoy all year round!

Next on my list would have to be Forever21!  I love this store because you can find cute, trendy clothes, without breaking the bank.  Sometimes you have to look at outfits, and find ways to make them more modest.  For example they call this a dress, I could just see the look on my friends faces if I came to a playdate in this, but add some cute skinny jeans, sassy black boots that your hubby got you for your anniversary, and you have an adorible outfit!  This one is on my Christmas list!

Right in the middle of my favorite things list are my two daughters.  I had to stick them in here!:)

I have been using great lash mascara by Mabeline for years and I love it.  I recently tried the new Big brush kind, and it will now be what I buy!!  Works wonders, and is the cheapest.

I think everyone knows by now that my new camera is one of my favorite things!  I have been having the time of my life with this thing, and am obsessed with it!

                                            These are a few of my fav-o-rite things:)


Myndie said...

Great list and adorable girls!

Nicole said...

Sari, The first time I ever went to a Forever 21 was with you when we went shopping in El Paso! Remember that?! Since then, I've been hooked too! Love that place! They have the best earing selection ever! :)

Our really empty nest said...

Agree, love the great lash too, always have! And that pic of your girls is just adorable! Thanks for sharing! sue

Cherish @ My Cup of Tea said...

I will definitely have to do this as well. Love it. And your girls are adorable. Love the matching outfits!!

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

We don't have a Forever 21 here~I wish! Beautiful girls~wow! Thanks for sharing your favs!

Heidi said...

okay - when are you going to start a photography business?!!! Soon I hope! :)

jenjen said...

I loved your favorite things list! I also love Sonic's Diet Coke - the ice is amazing!

I hope you are having a good December so far!


Red Lipstick Style said...

Wonderful list! I agree with you; Forever 21 is a great place to add some trendy things to our wardrobes!