Thursday, February 21, 2013

What'zzz All the Buzz About Baby Shower

I wanted to share another baby shower with you mostly via photos, here ya go...

Upon entering, guests guessed "How many Honeycombs".

Upon exiting they grabbed some yummy honey sticks I found at our Farmers Market.

Little touches here and there. 

My friend Laurel always seems to be my partner in crime for these events. Love her! The house where we hosted even had honeycomb tile in the kitchen, how perfect was that? 

We had a blast creating this shower! Bee is for baby BOY! Congrats Jenna!

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Jeppson Clan said...

Great job, as usual! Love the theme!
Also I accidentally deleted someones comment in the process of publishing it. I am so sorry, please feel free to post again if you happen to read this.