Sunday, September 26, 2010

New beginnings

What happens when your Husband gives you a call from work and says "How would you feel about moving to Texas?" and before I have a chance to answer he says, " The company wants us there within the next few weeks!"  I will tell you what happens, your world gets turned upside down!

So this my friends is why you haven't heard from me in a while, I frantically got the house ready to put on the market, flew to Texas twice to look for a rental, moved to a town I had never heard of, and have been trying to start a new life here in the Gulf Coast!

We decided to leave our house staged in hopes that it would help it sell, and just brought necessities with us.  It has been so hard for me, not being able to decorate here, and not have all my pretty things, but anything to help in the sell of our home it worth the sacrifice!:)

So here I sit, in an empty house, in a far off land, a land that is more humid and hot than I have EVER experienced. The first few weeks were really hard.  I am a get ready kind of girl.  I love hair and makeup.  So after a few attempts to get all Sariahfied, I have almost given up.  The curls just fall out, and the makeup melts off!  ( I did just get my hair cut yesterday  I took in this picture)

I think the girl did a pretty good job.  I will post a picture whenever I get around to getting gussied up!:)

I have to admit that there is something special about the people in Texas.  They are the friendliest bunch of people I have ever met!  We have been so welcomed in our new little town!  This has made the move so much easier for me!  A girl has got to have girlfriends, and I have been totally embraced.

I have only known these ladies about a month, and I feel like we have been life long friends!!  I love them!!!

So what is a girl to do when she has no furniture (besides mattresses)?  She starts stalking Craigslist!  Our rental is bigger than our casa in The Land of Enchantment, so we have room to get some pieces to get us by.

First off, we of course had to bring the TV, so we needed a place to put it.  Here is the ugly 70's dresser before
And here she is after

I need to find some fun paper to line the back with.

So there you have it, our new TV Stand!  I have so many more projects to get started on, but it is so hot here, I can't be outside 5 minutes without melting away!

One last picture before I go.  So here in Texas, I guess it is totally acceptable to dig through your neighbors trash on trash day.  I hear people leave all kinds of treasures on their curbs.  Never thought I would actually do it, but when I saw this chandy in my neighbors trash I could not resist it.  The possibilities just started rushing through my mind, and I grabbed it!!!!

I can't wait to show you what I did with her!!!


Jeppson Clan said...

Wha-hoo back in the saddle.
The dresser turned out amazing. As your big sister I demand you send me pics of your bangs. STAT.
Love you.

Little Lovables said...

Welcome to Texas, I love it here!

Jamee said...

glad you are getting settled in. and if you remember what i said to you when i first met you at hobby lobby- "you can't be from here - you must be from Texas!" I know you will fit in beautifully!

Pixie said...

Texas is indeed a very special place and the coast holds some very special memories for me. As for the humidity and heat...that is the price you pay for living in such a gorgeous place I suppose, but it takes some getting used to.

That dresser is fabulous. i can hardly wait to see what else you come up with!

Jill said...

I can totally relate to your post!! My husband called me from work asking how I felt about moving to Oklahoma... We have lived in Texas for 10 years and will be moving to OK after our house sells. My husband has been working in OK for the past 3 weeks and driving home on the weekends to see the girls & me. Ready for our house to sell so we can all be together!

Hope you meet lots of new people and make your rental as much like home as you can. :) Best wishes!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

Good Luck on your newest venture in life.. Love the dresser re-do!!

Nicole said...

Good to hear your still alive!! Hope you really like Texas!

Heidi said...

We MISS YOU!! I love your TV stand!! Maybe its good your things are here - more things to turn beautiful while making your nest again! ;) Seriously every get together we think of you and how we wish you were there. Ahh! So glad you have some good things going though! Can't beat dumpster diving! Totally the same in Ohio. Easier than taking things to Good Will I guess.

Hugs said...

WELCOME!!!!! I share your same story and I have grown to love Texas. Sliding off make-up, crazy hair and all. To be truthful, I do miss my mild weathered hometown of Los Angeles, California during the humid, Texas summer months. Tee hee. But Texas is definitely a keeper and I have found most of the people to be very friendly.

Your dresser is awesome. You've turned trash into a treasure. Can't wait to see what you do with the other find.

Ashleigh said...

I love the dresser! And Texas is wonderful - welcome!! I see you have found everyone to be as friendly as we are advertised to be! ;)

billiemonster said...

Girl, you got talent! I never would have thought to turn a dresser into a tv stand like that. The green is the icing on the cake.

~ ~

billiemonster said...

I was here visiting yesterday for the first time and later found myself thinking about this dresser makeover as I fell asleep last night. I am in LOVE with it. I showed my fiancé and said "we're doing THIS exact thing for our living room!". hehe. Then this morning I got to thinking that I'd love to feature you ladies on MY website if you don't mind! Please email me and let me know if that'd be ok and if you have any specific projects you'd like me to feature. I have a feature on Mondays called Monster Mondays! :O)

~ ~

Bret said...

sariah is that you? I can't find your email address.
I can't believe you moved! you have been busy! Can you share details of what you did to your chandilier. mine looks similiar and i hate it!
:) Brooke Howcroft

Bret said...

Sariah is that you??? i lost your email address! i can't believe you moved to TX!
i want to know details on how you did your chandilier. mine looks similiar to the original and i've always hated it!
:) Brooke

Evie's Mommy said...

I have an old buffet that I wanted to redo & turn into a TV stand... do you have blogged anywhere WHAT you did to your dresser?? I'd love to know (

Danae Farias said...

Texas is very different. I LOOOVE the dresser-I mean TV stand!! I like the idea of the funky paper in the back, any ideas on what kind of funky papers? I love funky=) I'm from a place in Texas that I had never heard of before, I had to look it up on a map. Beeville, Texas; I only remembered San Antonio, El Paso, & Dallas. You probably know now, but the fall (Sept/Oct) are the WORST in Texas. All other times aren't too humid. Plus you will adjust, & should last longer than 5 minutes before melting=) I look forward to your other creations.

Danae@Believing Unbeliever

Matt and Amberly Collins said...

Could you post how you put the shelf in-instead of top drawers? Did you just cut a piece of wood to fit? Nail in? Glue in? Thanks!!! It looks great!