Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stroll Through Target

As I was on my bi-weekly stroll throught Target, the new line Liberty of London
stopped me in my tracks and I literally gasped with glee!
Oh my glory!  These pictures do not do this line justice, I wanted to buy every single thing!
This bedding will be mine..umm I mean my daughters!

And this lampshade to go on her side table!
I could not leave empty handed, and after an excited call to hubby that ended in "Calm down, it will be there for a while!"I did only end up buying the above two teir tray to put on her dresser!  I thought it would be perfect to put her jewlery/ lip gloss on!
And how fun would it be to to be matchy matchy with my girlies!  Yes, I am that girl:)  I would probably add a brown belt to the shirt.
I have a feeling I will be the owner of many of these items soon, because I do NEED this adorible swimsuit
and this amazing clutch!
I suggest going down to your local target right now, before I buy it all and there is nothing left for the rest of ya!:)


Pink Princess said...

LOVE!! SO pretty; the bathing suits are to die 4. And the clutch is gorgeous, and that shawl...SO glad Target is not here, lol. Bad for the pocket book lol

Staci said...

Wow it's going fast. I looked online and most items are sold out. Eeek!!!

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Just love all the items you've featured! I especially love the scarf and the tiered dish you bought.

Thanks for sharing. Happy Sunday!

Vickie said...

I just found your blog,and you have a nice home! I never heard of savers until now...Low and behold I have 2 stores near me...woohoo!!! I'm hoping I can find the utensils you found.

The Zants said...

Emmys room is so incredibly adorable! ANd i love what you did with the nicho in your bathroom. that is absolutely ADORABLE! so glad I found your blog so I can look at all the fun things you do.. so I can atleast get a couple of ideas of how to decorate up our soon to be apartment! your awesome Sari

Amber said...

I thought the same thing about this line at target!! LOVE IT!!