Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Giant Pair of Silverware!

As I was walking through Savers in Kansas City with my cute mom-in-law, I think she must have thought I was crazy when I saw this fork and spoon and had to have them! Little did she know that I had been seeing them around blog land, and in Pottery Barn, and knew it had to be destiny! Total for my blue metal utensils~6 bucks. I had first planned on spray painting them oil rubbed bronze, but they were out at Walmart and I am not the most patient person,( I wanted to do it now!) so I just sprayed them black.

and hung them by my sink!
I heart them!

I had to post a picture of the cute chicken I got at Hobby Lobby for 80% off! I think she is adorable! Total ~3 bucks!

And here is where I got my inspiration!
Kimba At A Soft Place To Land, inspires us daily! Here is her version!

And Chris at Just a Girl is amazing! Here is her version.
I am now prepared, if a giant ever decides to drop in for dinner!:)


Patricia said...

How cute are they?
Thanks so much for sharing ~
They coordinate so well with your scrollie!

Hopefull said...

Those are the cutest! i would have snagged them too!

Elizabeth said...

Welcome to the giant fork and spoon club! I have a set too. I painted my black and love them. I hung mine in my dining room. Yours are pretty with the openness on them :)

Lizzy said...

I love them! What kind of store is savers?

sarah m said...

What a steal! They are super cute - and added bonus that they match the piece above your window so nicely. I am laughing at you painting them black b/c I recently did the same thing with some pots I was painting...why are they always out of ORB at Wal-Mart? It's the best. :)

melissa said...

Great find~love them!

Marie said...

Oh my word - I heat them too! These are the best looking ones I've seen. Love the ornateness and they look even more fab painted black! Thank you for sharing.


Anny said...

Isn't it cool when your version is cooler than the inspiration piece? I love how girly yours are - black looks great in the kitchen too!

randee said...

those are great! they go so well with the scrolly thing over the sink.


Heidi said...

Sariah, you rock!! I have to post that we carry a vinyl silverware, too! (
wink ;)